Camaguey City

The province of Camaguey is placed in the center of the Island. The area is a vast prairie and is Cuba's largest province. Its capital is the city of Camaguey, formerly named Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe (Port Prince), it is the third most important city regarding population and industrial development. It also has the largest old city of the country and the Caribbean.

Its central position allows the visitors an easy access to the renowned history and culture, which are closely linked to the life of one of the first seven villas founded by Diego Velázquez in the 16th century.

Camaguey is known as the city of tinajones, the big clay vessels originally located in the colonial courts to store the rain water in order to cope with the habitual droughts. According to the old legend, whoever drinks the water from a tinajon will never leave Camaguey, or at the very least, will be uncontrollably drawn back here again and again.

Such legendary city still preserves the ambience of the colonial epoch, that is to say, the tradition of its streets, its buildings, its churches, its parks, its railings, its doors or its roofs. Many of its facilities have endured time; therefore, the provincial capital is one of the most traditional cities in the country.

Camaguey is also a magnificent opportunity for cultural, sport, scientific and business events.

If compared to the inhabitants of other regions, the spirit of the
¨Camagüeyanos¨ is remarkable due to its patriarchal culture and a language full of Castilian archaisms. Faithful lover of his land, the Camaguey-born citizen is an educated and cultured and hospitable person who is proud of his origin. If you glance at our gorgeous and well-preserved city, then you will surely realize about it.