Camaguey, Cuba

Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe

Puerto Principe was founded in 1514. During 14 years, the villa witnessed three settlements.
Its name actually comes from that very first settlement, Puerto del Principe (Port of the Prince). In the 16th century the Spanish colonists ... more

Camaguey City

The province of Camaguey is placed in the center of the Island. Its capital is the city of Camaguey. It is the third most important city regarding population.

It also has the largest old city of the country and the Caribbean.... more


Culture is an emblematic feature of Camaguey, not only because of the fact that Silvestre de Balboa wrote here, in 1608, "Espejo de Paciencia", the first epic poem of the Cuban literature, or because this is the cradle of renowned artists like the writers Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and Nicolás Gillén... more