Events in Camaguey, Cuba

Festival “Amorosa Guajira”

September 19-23, 2006
Host: Farms and Cultural Institutions.

Promotion of the country music. Contestant scientific researches that had been carried out by farmers will be discussed.

Exhibition of Plastic Arts "Fidelio Ponce de León"

September 23-28, 2006
Host: Center of Plastic Arts

Important event named after Fidelio Ponce de León, who was one of the most remarkable representatives of the Cuban artistic vanguard during the 20th century.... more

Camaguey's Theater Festival

October 13- 23, 2006
Hosts: Theaters of Camaguey, Cuba

This meeting witnesses the most diverse plays that are staged by the contestant companies. Also, theory classes, workshops and masterly conferences are held during such an event... more